Snowed in. No Sewing and Blogging

Hi readers! I have never managed to implement the concept of pre-scheduling a blog post. Each post goes down to the wire before getting scheduled for Tuesday morning; I’m still writing this when you should be reading it. I was distracted in a bad way by a snowstorm that hit my town and state. I say “snowstorm”, but by Midwest standards it’s a flurry. One inch of snow and a few days of below freezing temperatures are so out of character for the state of Texas that an emergency was declared for the entire state. Rightly so. We’re dealing with everything that comes with that kind of weather: a) everything canceled (no one here knows how to drive on a layer of snow and ice), b) power outage (residents of the “energy capital of the world” have to suffer days of power outage in sub-freezing temperatures. I was lucky enough to bear the cold for just 3 hours), c) no water and the anxiety-inducing effect of anticipated frozen/busted pipes once there’s a thaw.  Please say a prayer for my plumbing. that it stays intact.

View from the front door

They say, bad weather days are perfect sewing days.  Not so perfect with all of the above issues; my sewing project which was supposed to be finished on Saturday, is still a WIP (work in progress). This in-process pajama top is a refashioned silk blouse with new polka dot bands at the bottom. The bands used to be a beautiful Banana Republic Factory Outlet silk charmeuse skirt – which my daughter was ready to let go of.  This is only as far as I could get between dealing with weather related house and life issues.

Print mixing going on here! Old silk crepe top with this awesome print (I actually have shoes like that but they hurt my feet). The black/white polka dot silk charmeuse bands are just pinned in at this time. See the shoe print fabric hanging at the back? Those will be the pajama bottoms. 🙂

I’ll stop writing here and go have some anxious moments. Love to all, be safe and warm,


10 thoughts on “Snowed in. No Sewing and Blogging

  1. I love the blouse print! I’m in Kansas, where we have several inches of snow and are in a long stretch of bitter cold, but I have water and have been lucky to not get hit with a ‘rolling blackout’ or power outage. I’m stunned by the conditions in Texas. I hope you are able to stay reasonably warm and safe in your house, and that when services resume your water pipes are intact.


    1. Update to the “3 hours of blackout” — we were without power and water for all day on Wednesday, after I scheduled and uploaded this post. We’re okay now except for a boil water advisory.


  2. That’s a nice fun fabric you’re working with!

    I hate cold weather and feel sorry for the people in Texas right now. I know your houses aren’t built like the ones in cold weather states and I can’t imagine not having water on top of losing power.
    Please take care and stay safe!


  3. Hi Samina,
    Glad you regained your power quickly: it is always unnerving to cope with cold and darkness, and potentially dangerous… I hope you are getting bottled water readily: always difficult to find a resource when everyone else needs it too! Hope things look up soon, and that your plumbing survives.

    We had the Arctic Blast here in central Iowa: stayed home Monday, but now we are on the upward trend, thankfully.


    1. Hi Joan, we lost power again for the entire day on Wednesday. Plus, no water. They’re both back on again now. Yep, there is a shortage of bottled water. And… the plumbing survived!! Everyone’s prayers worked.


  4. Samina,
    Glad you’re doing OK and have electricity, but the no water and plumbing problems are awful. The snow photo is beautiful, though. Hope you can stay inside and stay safe and cozy. I understand too many distractions to sew; your pretty silk jammies will wait. With me it’s the opposite; some afternoons the weather is too nice to stay in and sew.


    1. We’re okay now, Lisa. Not so for a lot of people across the state and in my city. Long term effects of the state government’s ineptitude are now apparent. I am kind of mad — can you tell? Lol.


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