“It’s a Puzzlement!”

…said the King of Siam.

Hey, guys!  It’s a very short post today. I am about half finished with this project, and decided to give you a head scratcher before sharing the finished item.  

The pieces are turned upside down to hide the writing from you. Heh.

  • What am I making? A garment? Home décor? Stuffed toy? Accessory?  And so on… 
  • Where does each piece fit in? Who am I kidding — you will solve this in 15 seconds.  Well, let’s guess anyway.

Hints: a) I’m using fabric remnants from other projects (my friends with whom I shared this at our Zoom meeting, don’t give it away. You know who you are),   b) Look at the pieces carefully, from every angle.

Whoever is first with the right answer, gets bragging rights!  

Have fun….


6 thoughts on ““It’s a Puzzlement!”

  1. I want this to be a tank top.
    This reminds me of the one piece ATATAC patterns, which I obsessed over. Unlike this situation, I knew what the end result was supposed to be.
    I look forward to the answer.


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