PJ Bottoms Like Gucci’s

Hi all!

Well, almost like Gucci’s.

Here’s my ode to a high fashion look that I occasionally become obsessed with. This time it’s a weirdly attractive set of short jammies that is photographed on the model as if she’s ready to step out in public. 

The Gucci model is ready to walk down the street in her pjs. I’m sure her mask is in her bag.
Close up of the inspiration pjs. Note that the scallop arc dips down but I made my scallops to arch upwards

Well, below is my version.  Heh.

Dare I wear these in public? Even with beaded shoes?

The entire look is not completely nailed down, but I think I got the spirit — in the pink fabric (mine’s a print, as you can see) and the broderie anglaise type cuffs.  The Gucci version has additional white broderie anglaise on the yoke and part of the upper sleeve; it balances everything out pretty well. I, on the other hand, called it quits after the pajama bottoms. After 16 eyelets, I called it a project.

The Notions

Bernina Eyelet Embroidery Set
My new favorite notion. Where else do you think it could be used?

This pair of pj bottoms used two sewing accessories that I retrieved from deep inside the stash.  The eyelet-making accessory was featured in a previous post; and the scallop ruler was unearthed to evenly mark the cuff edges.  This ruler has more markings than I knew, to help with accurate markings. It will be used again, for sure.

Besides, my current nightwear is extremely worn out! I need new ones which are presentable enough to wear all day. So this pair of jammies was overly due.

Stay cool, friends! Stay healthy and take care of yourself and yours.


15 thoughts on “PJ Bottoms Like Gucci’s

  1. Your version is MUCH nicer. Those sinister shiny black gloves, dopey face …. nightmare-ish !! Your version is for normal humans, Gucci’s could well be for zombies.

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    1. Thank you! I learned many things about the embroidery tool in the process. I’ll be adventurous in the future 🙂 . Laughing at your zombie comment….


  2. Hello Saminia,
    I love your pj bottoms, however I do think you should push on and make a matching top! I make my own pj bottoms ( confession; I tend to wear a T-shirt on top) I use vintage fabric, usually sourced from charity shops. There is something particularly comforting in pjs, made by myself from old preowned fabric. I will be on the lookout for vintage table/tea tray cloths to use to a similar affect on my next pj bottoms.

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    1. Oh, yeah! Vintage embroidered tablecloths would be perfect for this kind of pjs. If I had more of the same (or coordinatng) fabric, I would definitely have made a matching top — seriously. Next time I will.


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