Taking Cues from an Exaggerated Couture Silhouette

Let me rephrase that –  hey pear-shaped women, follow a modified haute-couture silhouette and you may be quite happy with it. While the House of Valentino offers exaggerated narrow-top/wide-bottom pieces in their 2019/2020 collection, they are mainly for the runway show. 

The eye candy is out of this world, but the underlying silhouette suits my pear shape (or triangular shape, if you will) since the clothing follows the contours. In reality, the pear ends at my hips, but the clothing silhouette goes all the way down to the pants hem.  I like that.

Below is my pear outfit and I couldn’t be happier.

The top is a lengthened and flared “Ann’s Tank” from The Sewing Workshop.  You’ve seen both these pieces in previous posts but not together and not on me.  Well, here I am, going all natural with the hair. Bonus: the comfort level of my flowy “Mirage Pants” (CamiMade pattern company) is sky high, and that makes it ideal for staying home during the age of covid-19, and presentable enough for must-go-out errands. The pants have a lovely “flow” when you walk — a definite plus!

My philosophy about fashion silhouettes is to get out of a rut, and keep changing it with changes in the body and not being afraid of trends when modified to suit oneself and a continuously expanding pear.  

I’ve made a top or two in this shape since oh, 2015, and still wearing them. As you can see in this old picture where I was five years younger (the ravages of time are obvious), I paired the tunic with narrow jeans.

I used Vogue Pattern 9112 designed by Marcy Tilton
Pattern used: Vogue 1550 designed by Paco Peralta

No more narrow bottoms, and I’m keeping an eye on the haute couture industry and the fashion industry in general for more inspiration.

Stay healthy, friends!


14 thoughts on “Taking Cues from an Exaggerated Couture Silhouette

  1. I love the updated look. I’m also loving your button necklace….on my way to check out my button stash. As always, thanks for sharing your sewing fun.


    1. Hi Janith! I purchased the necklace from a jewelry booth at an expo. That was so long ago I don’t remember who the maker was. Please, please make a button necklace and share 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kasey! I did not make the necklace; it was bought from a jewelry booth at a conference or expo a long time ago. It’s been a long time since I last wore it — decided to bring it out again.


  2. Samina,
    I enjoyed this post and learning about Valentino applied to real life.
    A question: for someone who writes with such a sunny tone, why don’t you smile (more) in your photos? Only if you feel like it, though ;-}
    It is harder to catch oneself in a smile when doing a selfie, but I think it suits you.


    1. Joan!!! I don’t quite know how to answer your question. I don’t make a conscious effort to smile when nothing happens to make me smile. I’m smiling in my profile pic for this blog, but that picture is six years old. I’ll try next time 🙂

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      1. I don’t mean to stress you! According to some psychologists, though, smiling and “cheerfulness” lead to increased happiness, so that is a plus for trying the smile.


  3. Brava!!
    I’ve been working towards a similar shape, my inspiration was a Madame Alexander doll I saw some years ago, with a short fitted jacket, and wide hipped pants that pegged down at the ankles. Almost like Hammer pants. I should have hung onto that doll, but it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. I’m not getting any taller, and I love being comfortable with too many pockets.


  4. You look wonderful. Nothing a day at the spa can’t cure — and don’t we all need that? I love all the pieces you’ve made and the silhouette is very flattering. I have not tried those pants but they look very comfy. I can totally see putting in a organza insert near the hem or even pom pom fringe as decoration.


  5. …”the ravages of time”…girl! You are being too hard on yourself! You look fabulous!

    (I must say that as someone who also doesn’t smile when lost in thought, or for no obvious reason, I hate that push to ‘Smile! Smile!’…just sayin’. )

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