Sewing Space: Books as Makeshift Extension Table for Your Sewing Machine

Hey friends, the best feature of a sewing machine cabinet (a sewing table) in my opinion, is the large surface that is flush with the bed of the machine. Why is it good to have that feature? Because your project does not hang down on the other side as the seam moves on.  Here’s an image of a cute cabinet from Pinterest, and it has the machine bed flush with the table surface; it should extend out more, though.

Image found on Pinterest

Sure, some machines come with an extension table but it’s never really large enough for adult garments.   Currently the formal dining room is my sewing space; other parts of the house are the ironing area, cutting area and the fabric storage and notions area. Such is my sewing life.

Meanwhile, after a moment of clarity, I came up with an idea to create a makeshift extension table on the dining table (where I am currently sewing). I piled some books around the machine’s small extension table to make it larger. It can go as wide as you want.

Books are flush with sewing machine bed
Birds eye view of the “extension
Aha. No more hanging fabric

You may have to go back and forth with the books to make sure the pile is flush with the machine bed. The books I used here are mostly hard cover and are heavy; a pile of softcover paperbacks may be much lighter to pull down from your shelf.

If you have any sewing room makeshift and make-do ideas, do share!

Be safe and be healthy,


11 thoughts on “Sewing Space: Books as Makeshift Extension Table for Your Sewing Machine

  1. Good morning Samina! That’s very smart, using books! As for a tip, I would like to sugget bed risers to make a regular table cutting height. You can usally get bed risers anywhere from three to six inches, so a small variety for different height people. And they’re inexpensive, usually less than $20. Is that a wrap blouse on the machine? Can’t wait to see it!

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    1. Bed risers! Good tip, Kasey. Those are wrap pants I’m sewing there 🙂 . They’re done, and I like them a lot, and you will see them very soon.


    1. Thanks, Joan! It was a lightbulb moment, and I had to share. Those tomes are very inspiring, but quite heavy to lug down from the shelf. I should have used a pile of paperbacks.


  2. Omg lightbulb moment! I love this and will try it out, I have a lot of travel books that won’t be getting a workout on the road this year (boo boo) but may be able to serve my sewing.


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