Happy 10th Anniversary. It’s Been a Decade of Sewing My Entire Wardrobe.

I congratulate myself this month for making all clothing that exists in my closet today.  I have not purchased a scrap of ready-to-wear since January 1, 2010.  I think it turned out well. Well, there are 20 year old special occasion pieces in the closet which are irreplacable, but all new things since 2010 for daily wear and special pieces are self-made. Patting myself on the back.

mini machine
No particular reason for this image. It’s just a miniature sewing machine in my mini collection. Like the one above the header.

Thencesforth, I learned some things

  • I’m capable of staying with a decision and following through. When I began, there was plenty of eye-rolling (by me and some other people), and I made it clear that at the end of year one I might be dressed really well, or in tatters.  It turned out well, and I’m now a habitual maker of my own clothes. Maybe I ought to apply that resolve to other things in my daily life.
  • I’m ten years older and have learned to sync preferred silhouettes and fabric with  lifestyle details.  Taking all that and putting it into a mindfully curated daily wardrobe, I am still in hot pursuit of a self-made French jacket (Chanel style); where would I wear it, though? Just so you know, I do have suitable fabric in the stash, plus lining and notions to make that jacket.
  • Since I sew for myself in a curated fashion, I have some time for unselfish sewing.  In the past few years, I’ve made things for my daughters, and at least four shirts for four men in my family. Unselfish sewing has limits, though; just sayin’.  I mean, I need to clothe myself.
  • Malls are made for walking (sung to the tune of “These boots are made for walking”) rather than snoop shopping.  I’ve discovered that tons of inspiration, trends and instruction are available online.
  • Sharing sewing knowledge is my thing; hence this blog. Also, the sewing community is the most generous community I have ever known.
  • Today, I want to say to the garment/fashion industry:  I’m sorry I got away from you, but I ain’t going back.

What started it all….

In 2010, a clear-eyed look at my fabric stash clinched the deal. The stash was enormous and occupied space in my house that it shouldn’t have.  I still shop for fabric but in a mindful, curated way.  My makerhood status now forces me to look at the danger of purchasing fabric willy nilly – a key point in keeping stashes under control.  I have made a dent in that stash of ten years ago.  Buying fabric is good, as long as there is “net loss” (or net “use?); buy less than the pieces you sew up. Eventually, there will be a dent.

Until the next post, sweet friends!


17 thoughts on “Happy 10th Anniversary. It’s Been a Decade of Sewing My Entire Wardrobe.

  1. Happy Anniversary Samina! I’m so glad for you, ten years of your own-sewn wardrobe. As for a cardigan/ French jacket, you wear it to the grocery, you wear it to the salon, you wear it to the post office, you wear it when you travel, when you go to visit a friend’s and it’s chilly, you definitely wear it to Sewing Club meetings – so we can all ooh and ahh over it! In short of course, you where it any- and everywhere.

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  2. Thanks for your inspiration. 1/1/20 starts my journey to use the beautiful fabrics I have and leave RTW behind. For many reasons which include quality and fit.


  3. Congrats, that is my goal. I stop buying fabrics Willy nelly in 2015. I went from 100% to maybe less than 3%. And I did the same with patterns. My goal this year is to make 50% of my clothes and not buy anything ready made except for jeans, undergarment and coats.


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