Christmas Décor in a non-Christian Home

—- and we’re all a big happy blend of faiths and beliefs (and non-beliefs).

Thanksgiving was celebrated at my home as the 2019 gathering spot. After the last Thanksgiving bite, my friend Ellen Campbell and my daughter Sarah Mirza set out to add cheerful Christmas décor to my living areas.  All but the last two photos were shot by Brian Campbell and are uploaded here for passing on the cheer to all my readers, with  bits of back stories…..

Full disclosure: Photographer Brian Campbell works out of Southern California. If you live in that area, look him up for professional portraits and much more.

Fuller disclosure: He is my son-in-law.

Merry Christmas, all!  There’s a kitchen tip waiting for you at the end, so read through. (Insert angry emoji here.)

The mantel. See that blue/red folded fabric ball (which I made years ago)? Ellen stuck it right in the middle of the garland where it seems to belong.
tree and mickey
Mickey and Minnie hanging out by the little Christmas tree.  The tree is decked out with lights and some of my long hoarded ornaments all of which are gifts from a friend Betty, and all are artisan ornaments
The “bar”
Front door is all decked out with Ellen and Sarah’s bow-making, glueing and ribbon-wrapping expertise! That’s a felt bird from my artisan ornament stash.
Sandals by the front door makes sure that Santa can be as cool and comfortable as he wants in the mild Texas winter.
Dining table decor by Ellen.  I shot the photo using my phone camera — and you can tell 😦
More Christmas Decor by Ellen. And my camera phone image.

Here’s a Holiday Tip (really a warning):  Do not EVER put a kitchen mandolin type slicer on your gift list. My mandolin caused such mayhem that my sewing activities have been temporarily halted.  I mean, I can’t even bake Christmas cookies due to a sliced thumb. Yep, after two ER visits, it’s making some progress. Still, I’m a never-mandolin person now.  No, I’m not using my right thumb while typing this.

My sweet friends, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanza!


9 thoughts on “Christmas Décor in a non-Christian Home

  1. Loved the post & especially loved being part of your holiday festivities. Having fun with Sarah ( who has your creativity ) to create the holiday scenes was my idea of much fun with family. Yes, the photographer is awesome too, might be a bit prejudiced!
    But most of all, your opening statement is what we should all remember not just during the holidays but all year!…..a big happy family with many beliefs!


    1. Hi Kasey! Hope you had a good holiday. The thumb is coming along slowly but nicely. I tried my hand at the machine today and it went smoothly. But any hand sewing (basting, hand hemming and such) is out, it being the right thumb. Oh well….


    1. Hi Kathy!! So good to hear from you. Happy Holidays to you, too. I’ll try and catch up with you via email or something after the holidays.


  2. We don’t Christmas much, but I am devoted to the lights and will put up anything with a light bulb in it.
    To the real topic here: your thumb. – Oh no! – My sister has tried to give me a Feemster Miracle Slicer (a inexpensive mandolin that is super sharp) and I keep giving them back to her, as I can’t manage a rotary cutter, much less a LIVE BLADE I”M SUPPOSED TO DRAG MY FINGERTIPS BY?????? Sorry for yelling, and I wish you and your fingers all the best for the new year. Yoinks.


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