Wardrobe Sewing Mood Board

Hi guys! I’m into mood boards and probably will be forever. Let me explain….

Every other month, I join a local sewing group called “Sewing Fashionistas”.  In 2018, our leader Roz (who owns the online fabric shop Sew Much Fabric) facilitated a whole series for creating a wearable, suitably stylish, occasion-worthy wardrobe. In other words, a curated, FOCUSED group of garments uniquely suited to each member’s style and lifestyle (no fantasy clothing here). Everyone participated actively with their own analysis starting with, among other things, mood boards.  During that process, I created a “mood-binder” to keep everything portable. And… here’s a glimpse of it. It’s in the beginning stages and a work in progress; I will be adding hand sketches, doodles, etc.  What’s a mood board without doodles and sketches? These images, clipped from magazines or saved from the internet, reflect the silhouette I feel best in. They’re all “me”.

Based on that, I’m now planning to sew a mini “collection” for Spring 2019. It’s currently Fall 2018 but I’m going along with the fashion industry’s method of creating the next fashion season way in advance. Heh.

inspo page2
Rudimentary beginning of my mood board binder

Here are some glimpses from my mood board binder; the image above shows both pages. The inspiration page (on the right above and also close-up below) includes clothing designs that evoke my aesthetic and personality. Long tunics with and without flare, loose or loose-ish pants, the sleeveless tailored jacket to name a few.

inspo page

The other page has a color story inspired by the inspiration page – and guess what: all these fabrics are long-hoarded but much-loved pieces from Le Stash.

inspo page 3

Waiting to be added to the mood board above are these two images from a couple of posts ago.  Oscar de la Renta again for Spring 2019.


Below are more random inspiration pages depicting details that I hope to include in a future set of coordinated clothing.

I’d like to title the left page,  Me on a Page.



more inspo2
Convertibles are inspiring me these days.  How can I translate this into a workable piece for me?  Image from InStyle magazine.
more inspo3
Those colors!! Inspiring for a future mood board. Images from various home furnishing catalogs.

For more interesting information and inspiration, here’s designer Daniel Vosovic (from early Project Runway fame) on fashion design and mood boards, on the Skillshare website.

Raise your hand if you create mood boards for sewing your own fashion….. 



15 thoughts on “Wardrobe Sewing Mood Board

  1. Impressive Samina! I love to wear the items that I make immediately, but I can see the lure of a coordinated wardrobe, and having everything done in time for the season to begin! Just another reason to look forward to spring. Thanks for the link to the online shop, I hadn’t found that one before and she has some lovely fabrics.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve taken to mood boards because my desire for randomly sewing whatever took my fancy resulted in that “nothing to wear” situation. There was very little coordination.


  2. Hello, very nice posts! I’m just learning about mood boards and completed one for the first time. Mines is very beginner style and hopefully one day I can be as good as you! Look forward to seeing more from you!

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  3. I love LOVE that you have figured out the stuff that makes you happy and the stuff that doesn’t, and that You Shared It With Us Here. Thank you so much!
    I used to use Pinterest, but so many pins have disappeared, I’ve gone back to screen shot and clipping photos to folders, organized by whatever strikes me as important. Tops, pockets, buttons, you get the idea. That Oscar is in Tops right now.
    I have a journal/sketch/scrap book at all times. Keeps my hands busy and my brain occupied at functions that bore me to tears. I do clip physical objects, but mostly I draw what I’m thinking about.

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  4. Very nice post about mood boards. Do you know fashion designers are always building one before any collection? I wrote a post about focusing on your mood board that will help to organise and sort your ideas.


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