Who Sewed it Better?

Since I’m already down the rabbit hole of fashion week images and neglecting my sewing tasks, let me take you to the Spring 2018 collection of the house of Salvatore Ferragamo, originally show during the September 2017 Fashion Week.  You can see the entire collection on the Vogue Runway website by clicking here.  I’ll focus on one item to pick on this elite fashion house — in a jealous kind of way. Just kidding but I couldn’t help compare my organza jacket to theirs.

Salvatore Ferragamo Organza Anorak

Ferragamo SS18_LLL1550

If you have $1,650 or so lying around, you can stop reading this post and go buy this red organza jacket.  Otherwise, easily sew it yourself. My red organza shirt was sewn up many years ago from a now out of print Adri Vogue Pattern, and I beat the Ferragamo designers in the red-organza-jacket race by about 15 years.  But I have the utmost admiration for Ferragamo seamstresses wherever they are — in ateliers, or sweatshops.

Ferragamo SS18_ARC0358

Details:  the Ferragamo version is really an anorak in shiny organza; I think it may have a hood because I can see the thin cord and a tiny white toggle; it has straps at the wrist (or is that a belt strap), and check out the super-sized snaps! Note that they’re covered snaps. Click the image to enlarge.  It’s paired with swimwear or playwear underneath (isn’t “playwear” a wonderfully quaint term?) which probably won’t be seen anywhere on the beach.  Oh, and did you notice the bound seams?

SewEverythingBlog jacket

Front organza

My piece is a jacket with daintier lines, small button-and-loop closure, a topstitched collar (topstitching is the only sporty detail), hemstitching and some stenciling.

Collar SewEverythingBlog

stencil detail

My glam little jacket was made entirely with dainty French seams, and you can see the how-to for French seams in this old post.  It’s shorter than the Ferragamo and I wear it with black pants and top; or with jeans as suggested by reader erniekdesigns. One of these days, I’ll model it for you.

Ferragamo Accessories

Since historical roots of the Salvatore Ferragamo brand lie in shoes, take a look at the shoes and bags in this collection. I love the bags, but the shoes are meh. Here’s a mini slide show for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may want to go over to the Vogue Runway website, or download their smart phone app if you want to make inspiring use of time in a waiting room or elsewhere. Nope, I’m not paid by Vogue Runway, I just like to share what I like.

As of this writing, I’m still stuck in the Fall 2018 Fashion Week rabbit hole –  it has tons of inspiration for future sewing projects, and is so much fun!


9 thoughts on “Who Sewed it Better?

  1. i love the one that you made! the embellishments really make it look one of a kind. I can’t imagine trying to use such a sheer fabric in a sewing machine though. my machine would tear it up, even if i spent hours adjusting the tension. awesome!


    1. Thank you! Its not very difficult to sew on organza, because it is a crisp texture and somewhat stays in place. Try it on a small project sometime.

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