A Family Photo For the (Sewing) Ages

Hi Readers, I’m back after two weeks of being a no-show on this blog; it’s a case of slacking off on an unpaid job.  I hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did.

This week, I’m sharing this photograph on a sewing blog because:   a) it’s a great family photo of two generations;  b) because the picture has six items in it sewn by me.  It’s been jokingly designated as a promo shot for our own Netflix series!!

A Photo For the Ages


The picture was made when my brothers and some of our children got together in California to celebrate Thanksgiving. There are a few of generation two (and one tiny generation three) who did not make it, but hopefully next time we’ll all be there.  Still, it’s a photo for the ages, shot by Brian Campbell.  Read this post on Brian’s blog if you want to read about the inspiration for the set-up, and some other stuff for photography nerds.

I stared at the picture for a few minutes, when it struck me that six items I had sewn, made it into the photograph – unintentionally.  The seventh one was still gracing the Thanksgiving table with the turkey carcass, leftover dressing, bread rolls and cheesecake and remains of other sundry food.

So here is the (sewn) what’s what. If you want more details, I’ve linked the relevant post about those particular items.


  1. I am wearing three things from my self-sewn wardrobe (is there any other?)
    1. Black ponte knit jeans
    2. Cowl necked novelty print top. I wear it so much that its beginning to wear out.  I made this before my blogging days, but you can see a clear picture of the top where I wrote about how I raised a too low cowl neckline
    3. Chevron knit cardigan, the most recently sewn thing.
  2. Brian, my son-in-law is the photographer, and is wearing the shirt I made for him. Go to the post to see him model it to perfection. He also shot my profile picture you see on the right.
  3. My sister-in-law, Anjum (she and my brother hosted this Thanksgiving family get-together), is wearing a top in which she looks awesome! You can read about how I made it for myself and looked awful. But when Anjum wore it, it seemed designed just for her.  Anjum is a successful interior designer in San Diego. Click on the orange words to see her work.
  4. Here is my daughter, Sarah, wearing a knit tunic with embroidered sleeves and looking adorable!


People not wearing my sewn items (because they don’t own anything made by me):

  1. My brother, Junaid, the host
  2. My friend Ellen, Brian’s fabulous mother
  3. My sister-in-law, also named Sameena (but spelled differently).
  4. My brother, Sohail.
  5. My beautiful niece Asiya
  6. My gorgeous nephew Adil and his dog Einstein. (9 and 10 are children of 3 and 5)

And… here is the Fabridon which kept an eye on all of us chowing down the turkey.    Thanksgiving weather in southern California was so hot that this Texan felt right at home.


Happy Holidays to everyone!  I hope my sewing motivation comes back soon.



19 thoughts on “A Family Photo For the (Sewing) Ages

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It had been a very long time since this many family members got together. And there are more who couldn’t make it. 🙂


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