Shirt Success!

SewEverythingNov17-027Hi friends! Remember my post about a first attempt at sewing a men’s shirt?   My son-in-law, Brian (the owner of the shirt) is modeling it to perfection over here! Photography credit goes to his wife, Sarah Mirza.  I am especially thankful for Brian trusting me with making him a clothing item! How many men will trust their mother-in-law with their wardrobe choices?


So, take a look at the details.  The pattern is McCalls 6044 and the fabric is cotton chambray.


The collar: I had an issue with the collar ending too far toward the center front, and here is what I mean. If the collar was drafted where it’s front ended a little further back, the front bands would have lined up perfectly. Since this is a casual shirt, Brian will not button up the collar, so it turns out well.


The front band: I thought it was too narrow, but it looks good on him.  Buttonholes were a breeze to make on my Bernina 1230.


The cuffs!! I love how they turned out. Even without a placket.


There will be a back yoke in Brian’s next shirt — definitely. And, the seams will be flat felled seams, and the sleeves will have a placket.


I am proud of how this shirt turned out.  I am proudest of my son-in-law, Brian; couldn’t have a made a shirt for a nicer guy. He looks smashing in it!

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!  I am humble and grateful for all my readers who find my words at least a little bit worth their time.


16 thoughts on “Shirt Success!

    1. Thank you, Karon! I’m on a shirt-making roll now. More for Brian, and for other immediate family members. So watch out, world 🙂


  1. Really really nice! I see no faults in it at all. (not being picky, just looking closely and seeing perfection!) I would never have known that it’s a home sewn shirt. Anyone would love it! I buy one of my son in loves tshirts from a catalog for tall men, he’s very hard to fit, but sew him a shirt!! I’m too critical of my work! (I sew for my own boys/men) You are very brave and look at your end product- totally worth it! Tell your SIL thank you for modeling it so nicely so we all could see what a beautiful shirt you made him! :o)


  2. I love those cuffs without a placket! Why have I never thought to try that? It gives such a clean look, and I hate sewing plackets; they’re the fiddliest part of shirt sewing. I am going to give this a try on my next button-down for sure. The shirt suits your SIL to a T!


    1. Thank you, Nancy! If you like the non-placket design, go or it. This is a two-piece sleeve and the sleeve slit opened up at the end of the extra seam (not the underarm seam).
      You’re right — Brian does look great in the shirt!


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