The Big Fashion Stripe of 2018

Snarky types might call this the “High Fashion Does Prison” trend, or the “Beetlejuice” trend, and I’m terrified that my eye will get used to the look.  To redeem the designers, most of them manipulated the fabric to give modern, innovative lines, but its hard to get over the prison invocation. Also, most of them have other things in the same line which does not have a stripe in sight.  Mind you, I love a good stripe, but….

I am looking at the Fashion Week collections posted on the Vogue Runway website (they have a great iPhone app which I use constantly during Fashion Weeks), and seeing big black/white striped fabric in a lot of configurations in the New York Fashion Week offerings. Vogue Runway has now moved on to the London Fashion Week.   With thanks to Vogue Runway, I am posting these images and would love to see what you might make of the bold stripes to fit your wardrobe.  By clicking on the links below each photo, you can read the commentary of a real fashion journalist. They might have a totally different take on these collections than me.  Fashion obsessed people, make sure you look at the slide shows for each collection.

Alberta Ferretti, Fall 2017

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2017KIM_0075
Alberta Ferretti, Fall 2017

Alberta Ferretti Fall 17 KIM_0094

It’s all their fault. The design house of Alberta Ferretti started the whole thing (as far as I know, because I’m not a fashion journalist) in their Fall 2017 collection.   Apparently, the rest of the fashion world took a hint and suggested that we all wear this look come spring of 2018.

Christian Siriano, Spring 2018

Siriano _SIR0101
Christian Siriano, Spring 2018

My boy Christian couldn’t help including this look, although this is not his usual aesthetic. Christian is loved by celebrities; so let’s play the “who’ll wear this” game! Who do you think? I’m throwing in Katy Perry’s name in the basket.


Ji Oh, Spring 2018

Ji Oh SS 2018 3
Ji Oh, Spring 2018
Ji Oh SS 2018
Utterly normal by Ji Oh
Ji Oh SS 2018 2
What the hell??

Carolina Herrera Spring 2018

CH Spring 18 _MON0189
Carolina Hererra, Spring 2018

Carolina Herrera Spring 18 _MON0097

My girl Carolina is not doing “prison”.  Love the bright stripes, but a fur jacket in spring?


As you read this, I’m sheepishly looking at these stripes in my fabric stash. I love these fabrics, so there’s something to be said for the prison or beetlejuice look.  The top chevron is a loose, stretchy open knit (it’s not a raschel knit, if you want to be picky about it) from Sew Much Fabric.   The one below is a stretch cotton by Maggy London, bought from Promenade Fabrics (based in New Orleans).  I’ll let you know what these pieces turn into 🙂 .

my stripes

This is just from the New York Fashion Week for Spring and Resort 2018; same stripe trend was happening in the London Fashion Week.  I keep up with the high fashion world with the Vogue Runway website and phone app; there’s great sewing inspiration there as well. No business affiliation with them (laughs hysterically).





10 thoughts on “The Big Fashion Stripe of 2018

  1. Ji oh’s last shirt reminds me of Lagenlook which I personally love. :o)
    I thought the lovely fabrics made most of the stripes tolerable! At first when you mentioned Beetlejuice I was worried. And altho I would never wear these, some of the fabrics made them tempting! Thank You for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know about Lagenlook patterns, or the Lagenlook look until you mentioned them here. Of course I instantly googled it. Thank you.


  2. hi, first thank you for sharing all the stripes and make me giggle… being in a hurry this morning,
    I exactly closed my blouse that way… ohlala, I am in real fashion now… but to be honest, I rather go by closing the dresses normal .. boring I know… but I must say… the utterly normal dress looks great and also the third suit looks not bad . have a great whatever, its evening here in Switzerland,
    ciao ciao Christa


    1. Christa, we’ve all done the wrong buttonhole thing at least once in our lives (not counting childhood). Maybe that was Ji Oh’s inspiration. Lol….
      Thank you for reading my post all the way in Switzerland! I hope to one day visit the gorgeous country – well, I’m old enough that I’d better visit soon 🙂 .

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The very first picture had me thinking prison jumpsuit!! Carolina Hererra was the only one that didn’t scream PRISON!! The last by Ji Oh, omg, looks like a home ec project gone very wrong!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I loved those fabrics too! They’re the kind which look beautiful on the bolt, and then one cannot quite think of what to make of them. I think I have ideas for both pieces. I will post them, and you and other readers can judge them. 🙂


  4. Thanks so much for sharing! In the past, I’ve never been big on stripes…there have been a few here and there on my blog. However, I really like some of the ways the were used in the photos of this post. I may be reconsidering stripes for next year!


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