Lacy Thread & Ribbon Scarf. Remembering Suzy Seed

Hi readers, I hope you’re having a happy Thanksgiving weekend.


I recently lost a much loved friend, whom I did not get to see too often during the last year. The last time I saw Suzy was in September 2015, more than a year ago and that’s where I snapped the selfie above. It was an event set up by the Houston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild where Suzy was actively participating on their advisory board.

Friends, keep in frequent touch with your most loved friends.  I did not attend Suzy’s memorial service for a very selfish reason; over the past few years I have had to deal with death and dying so could not bring myself to attend. I am constantly thinking of my friend, though.

Suzy made it a point to let me know how much she loved my blog — it made me very proud because Suzy was an accomplished sewing educator. Over the years, I learned many sewing techniques from her. Formally, by attending her seminars, and informally by just talking.


The scarf above was a project in one of Suzy’s classes.  It’s an “infinity scarf”, made on a base of a water soluble stabilizer. The other two items needed are narrow silk ombre ribbon-yarn, and ombre rayon thread to coordinate or contrast.  We used Sulky brand in class since Suzy was a Sulky educator.

I did not save instructions for the scarf, but there are instructions for a similar Thread Lace Scarf, similar to this one on the Sulky website, with some differences.  I will definitely make the infinity scarf again as soon as I can find my lost instructions on how to make it “infinity; or figure it out myself.

Below is another scarf which I did not make, but bought it at a Sulky booth. It was actually a sample but the lovely scarf maker (not Suzy) agreed to sell it to me. It’s made the same way as the other scarf, but with “eyelash” yarn with silk leaves appliqued to it.


I wear these two scarfs often and each time I think of Suzy. Rest in Peace, my sweet  friend.


Postscript: I wrote this post in California, where I’m celebrating Thanksgiving with family.  Yes, I still write my blog posts at the last minute, and haven’t succeeded yet in scheduling them many days in advance. Hopefully that day will come. Meanwhile, I refuse to miss a blog post just because of travel or bad time management. It’s worth lugging my laptop with me to sunny California.



11 thoughts on “Lacy Thread & Ribbon Scarf. Remembering Suzy Seed

  1. Lovely photo of you and Suzy. Hope you are having a wonderful time out there. We got some rain this a.m. I can show you the ‘infinity’ part. Sure as hell not gonna do all the stitching that goes into that…..


    1. Thanks, Judy. I can do all the stitching :), you do the infinity part. I think I remember how it was done but not sure. This was made many years ago.


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