Put the #Sewing Pattern Together. A Pattern Puzzle

Who am I kidding? You guys will know exactly what this is. But let’s have some fun!

Yes, I want you to tell me what I’m sewing just by looking at the outlined pattern pieces. This is not my design, and I’ll divulge that information after having some fun with my sewing buddies – you.


In the image above, I’ve recreated the pattern pieces (not to scale), some of which I’ve turned upside down and sideways; I’ve given each a letter so you can identify the pieces, tell me which goes where and which one has been turned on its head or side. Let’s see whether you can give me as many details as you can about how you think it’s put together. For example, which ones do you think will be cut as two pieces, as one piece, on the fold, closures — you get the idea.

This should be so easy that there’s no need for hints. Heh. Remember, list as many details as you can in your comment.

If you want to have more fun and want to draw the pieces as you think they’re put together, send a picture of your drawing to me through the contact page. I’ll put them up in the post with my finished project.

Go at it, sewers!






7 thoughts on “Put the #Sewing Pattern Together. A Pattern Puzzle

  1. Well I’m not a coffee drinker but I think I can see it! I agree, it’s some sort of tunic or top. A is the front and B the back. Probably both cut on the fold. B is upside down. C is the sleeve. Cut two for humans. If D is the front facing (cut two) where’s the back facing?? Or maybe D is a bow that ties in the front and you’re going to do something different with the neckline. If those big v’s are bust darts, do the sleeves attach to the potential overhang? or are those funky armscyes and does the seam go on the upper edge of the sleeve? OF COURSE I COULD BE ALL WRONG… it does happen. Nice puzzle for a Friday. I can’t wait for the answer!


  2. B is the front, A is the back, C is the sleeve and D is the facing. I’m sure they don’t fit together. And no, I’m not making another one of these damned puzzle things. They all work in knits and stink in wovens.

    More coffee, mother!


  3. My first thought was that it’s a pinafore with A and B being the bodice pieces cut on the fold, C being a skirt piece and D being a waist tie. A and B don’t have normal armholes so I don’t know what to think. I’m a little thrown by your saying it’s so easy!


  4. Hi guys! Thanks for all the responses. Wait till Friday to see the completed garment – still working on it. If I can’t complete, I will reveal the design anyway. Make sure you have your morning coffee before reading the reveal post.


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