Pajama Dressing


What do you think of “pajama dressing” in public? I mean, out in the street.

Celebrities tend to love it as do Sofia Coppola in a Louis Vuitton pajama set, and Selena Gomez (image source), but the rest of us are hugely suspicious. However, I do recall wearing loose silky pants made with a DKNY Vogue pattern which had some pj vibes. That was in the 90s. And no one accused me of wearing pjs.  Well, anyway….

My family keeps two things until they fall apart:

  1. a) cars
  2. b) pajamas.

My oldest pair of pajamas are a lilac knit, very stretched out pair, and I’ve worn them for approximately 12 years. Insert “red with embarrassment” here. But “comfort while sleeping” is not a crime, therefore people like to wear their oldest, softest garment to sleep in. Today, the lilac relic is in the garbage can. And, I’ve made a pair of new ones in a funky cotton fabric retrieved from the stash, and this new pattern by Kwik Sew #3553 (which is on sale as I’m typing this).IMG_2427

This is one of my quicker sewing projects – they would have been QUICKEST had I not chosen to add features and sewing techniques which demoted the project to QUICK-ER.

Quick run through of my pj process goes thusly:

  • The back and front are actually two different but coordinating prints (sneaked that one on you) – it’s not obvious in the photos but I had just one yard of each. So I made do.
  • I cut the XL because my measurements matched the XL according to pattern envelope. But I think it’s too big, and especially wide at the hem. What do you think?
  • Below are the added features which took the pajamas from a one-hour to a little-bit-longer project:


Addition of cuffs. Fabric shortage made this a necessity, but I think the cuffs give it a finished look. Also, the addition of a flat piping (not bias and not corded) adds a bit of bright color and definition to the cuffs. Unfortunately, one cuff was the victim of my carelessness, but the other turned out better. So what was the game-changer for the better cuff? Hand basting! I never underestimate the power of hand-basting.


Installation of sport elastic (or multi-channel elastic) at the waist instead of through a casing:  I like this multi channel elastic because it reduces one layer of cloth at the waist and adds a finished feeling. It cannot be applied to every style of pant but are great on PJs, fashion pants that are loose & flowy, some children’s wear and such. That is my humble opinion.

Stay tuned for a tutorial on 3 ways to install sport elastic (multi-channel elastic). After that, 3 ways to install a contrast cuff in pajama bottoms.

Now go ahead and sew up a spring storm…..





18 thoughts on “Pajama Dressing

  1. Outstanding work on your pajama pants! As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, as it it is here! I live your changes… none would be the wiser. Your changes actually make your pants look more expensive.
    As for wearing pajamas in public, I’m not a fan, but to each his own (smiling).
    Great job Samina!!!

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  2. The fit & length of your PJs look good. I make all of my PJs too. My PJs are always black bottoms and a comfortable t-shirt pattern on top in a solid color or print-with-some-black-in-it.

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  3. I am the pajama maker for the family (mostly bottoms, because boys), and they fall into two styles: one piece pattern and sewn up out of flannel sheets, and the more classic, piped and cuffed ones. Neither gets pockets, because sleep.
    The idea of wearing them outside is disturbing. What makes them comforatable could make them self destruct at inopportune moments.
    Pajama style clothes – sure. Pajamas as clothes – nah.
    I ADORE that sewing machine print!

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    1. Great comment! Thank you. I agree with the no pocket aesthetic – what am I going to put in them while sleeping? Oh wait – maybe a midnight snack.


    1. Tee, I bought the fabric to make some sewing room decor, originally. That fabric has travelled across the US. I bought it when Project Runway was still a newish show. Then one of my daughters took it to California, did nothing with it; so it travelled back to Texas and here we are. One never knows what’s in a fabric’s future!


  4. I agree with Tee — no PJs in public unless you are under the age of four! You did a great job on yours. I especially like the cuffs! We used two fabrics in Halloween prints for a pair I helped my oldest grand sew herself. We cut one front and one back from each, alternating the fabrics. That was a challenge! I like knit PJs, and tend to wear them until the elastic just won’t hold them up any longer… but I keep one or two nice sets for travel. What a nice treat to yourself!

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  5. While I don’t like pajamas in public, I like your pajama pants as lounge pants for the house. What is the difference between pajama pants and other casual pants? I think it’s the fabric used, the type of print, and pajamas are looser. The piping adds that special touch, and was worth the added time. Very nice!

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    1. Yep, the lounge pants would be a little closer fitting and having the crotch seam a little higher. I would certainly wear these to answer the door….


  6. I make a lot of pj bottoms myself, for a lot of family members. I prefer the elastic in a casing so it can be replaced after a few years when frequent washing kills the elastic. But yours are the snazziest I have seen! Love the material and the cuffs.


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