What’s My (Tag) Line? Second post for Blogging U

Hi everyone! Thank you for the views, likes and comments on my first assignment!

For the second post in Blogging 101, our mission is to change or tweak the blog title and “tag line”. For the uninitiated, a tag line is the little collection of words just below the blog title. It’s meant to communicate what a reader can expect to see in the posts.

Just to add imagery, I’m inserting a photo of the view my laptop enjoys while I tap its keyboard on the other side. I made those pajamas, of course.


Blog Title: Sew Everything Blog

I think I’ll keep my blog title, thank you. Back in 2013, I was ready to jump into the sewing blog fray immediately, and came up with a great title – “Always Sewing” –  because it totally described me and my sewing habit. But someone else online liked the same words before I could claim the title as my own. “Sew Everything” was my next choice but that was taken too; well I decided to add the word “blog”. And, the “Sew Everything Blog” was born. Yes, I have sewn everything in the clothing and home decor categories. I’ve also made a handbag or two. The only thing I have not sewn are the “unmentionables” – which is not to say I can’t. I can and I will sew bras and panties — soon. But that’s another blog post.

Tag Line: Always sewing, sewing everything and sharing with the world.

I’ve been staring at the tag line for a while and cannot come up with anything else which communicates what the reader can expect in my posts. Note that what I originally wanted as the title, “always sewing”, ended up in the tag line. Anyway, I’ll keep thinking. How about changing “sharing with the world” to “enabling the world”? My mission here is to encourage and enable people to do more sewing. Sort of like the cow that says “eat more chickin’ “. Maybe I’ll dream about a new tag line tonight. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section!

The graphic

What is that messy photo under the blog title? Here is a past post in which I talk about that image and how it ended up. It was a work in progress at the time. The picture spoke to my inner UFO fiend (only a seamstress will know what I’m talking about here ). UFO = Unfinished Object. We sewing enthusiasts are notorious for starting projects and then moving on to something else, leaving the previous one on the UFO pile. At some point, I will want to change that graphic.

Hope you enjoyed this post, as I have been enjoying reading those of my classmates from #blogging101. The daily words I write for these tasks are hastily written since I get daily assignment e-mails right at 7pm. And I am trying to be a stickler for consistent blogging schedules – which I hope #blogging101 can help me with.

Here’s wishing you a visit from the sewing gods …..


4 thoughts on “What’s My (Tag) Line? Second post for Blogging U

  1. I don’t think you should change the name or tagline! You started with a clear idea of what you wanted to write about and the tagline expresses this well. “Always sewing, sewing everything, and sharing sewing with everyone” is a close alternative which adds the word sewing for a third time and everyone “matches” everything.

    How many are in your class, and are they new bloggers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa, I don’t know how many classmates I have; I think at the end of the course WordPress will announce it.
      That’s a great idea to tweak my tag line – thank you!


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