Image-Rich, Word-Poor: A Refashion Sewing Post

Dear Readers,

If pictures are worth a thousand words, let’s DO this.  Posted below for your viewing pleasure are pictures with a minimum of text. Enjoy!

J. Crew shirt before and after



Inspiration (Anthropologie)

Blue top Anthropologie

Sleeve hack

Sleeves chopped Chopped sleeves

Bias strips, scalloped rotary cutter and gathering foot

Bias strips gathering foot

Gathered strips pin-auditioned and sewn in circles. First rosette

Pin to audition Sew rosette

Second rosette

second rosette

Third rosette pin-audition

3rd rosette

Embellishment complete!


Second thoughts: Deeper sleeve hack!

sleeves chopped with scalloped cutter Cap sleeves

Questions? Please ask in comment section.

Knock off

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it and were inspired to sew.

Word count: 87



16 thoughts on “Image-Rich, Word-Poor: A Refashion Sewing Post

  1. Oh-wee!!! Love love love it!!!! I have to try this gathering technique on a wedding gown I’m doing for August. It has a removable jacket with adornment like the rosettes all over it! This post gave me an inspiration on how to do it! BTW!!! I love my patterns, thanks so much!!!


    1. You bet I had fun! It was quickly made, too. I’ve road tested it several times and it’s already in the laundry :). Looks like this will be my go-to blouse this summer. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Love this and am now inspired by your talent to make something repurposed – or, upscaled – as soon as I return home! Will keep my eyes peeled – and my camera ready – to take some fashion shots as we travel for a Look Book. Thank you, Samina!


      1. O-o-o-oh! I’ve seen that dress many times but never focused on the lower skirt. It is just gorgeous. Thanks for the link.


    1. Thanks, Sue. I thought it captured the essence of the Anthro shirt. Originally, I was going to use a pink/white striped cotton to knock off the Anthropologie shirt. But when this old J Crew was being discarded by my daughter, I saw the potential and grabbed it from her.


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