Sewing Room Chronicles: The Beginning

Here’s the thing about New Year resolutions: making just one every few years, no more than that, is a possible way to success. At least it was for me. I’ve said this before – er, many times – but it bears repeating that my 2010 resolution to refrain from buying ready to wear and making my clothes instead, is now a habit. After four years, I am thrilled that it is safely ingrained in me.

Four years later I have a new New Year resolution: in 2014, I will organize and prettify the sewing room. Sewing activity is clutter-inducing. We know that.  I debated this res and kept telling myself, “yeah, fat chance you’ll ever have a neat and tidy sewing area, so don’t even try”. In the end, the decision was made to use an entire year to organize the Mirza sewing room, and you, dear reader, will have to read an occasional post about it. So sorry about that.  Hey, you might even join me. Except, of course, if you already have a beautiful sewing area with everything in its place. In that case you can read the posts and laugh at me.

We’ve all seen inspirational images of beautifully appointed craft and sewing spaces.  I present to you pictures of a REAL sewing room. It’s not pretty.

 Machine 2

Wire shelf  & MM

Wire shelf

Dress form

Bookshelf & DF

Cutting board


Pattern bin


The plan:

  • Tackle just one item or area every month, beginning in February. Baby steps, people!  Which means 11 areas/issues in the sewing room to tackle through the year. I can handle that.
  • Use what I have and try to make it look coordinated. No fancy custom furniture.
  • De-stash and organize fabric and patterns (major). I’m debating the de-stash as this is written. The fabric is not pictured in this post since my stash is stashed in various non-sewing areas.
  • Cover the bare window with a kitschy print curtain. Sewing and other hobby areas should be fun!
  • There will be bins…..

It’s a date! In January 2015 you’ll see this room re-vamped and organized. Full disclosure; I have consultation privileges with an interior design professional 🙂 – family, you know.

Is your sewing room, or sewing corner pretty well appointed? Do you have organizational tips for me? Talk to me — please — in the comments section. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Sewing Room Chronicles: The Beginning

  1. Love the pictures! Looks like a very productive sewing studio and, knowing you, you make every inch of it work for you. One suggestion: it could be fun for you to begin your organization journey by choosing a wonderful color for your space so that you’ll be surrounded and inspired by it!


    1. Anne, thanks for the suggestion. I agree with you about the color preferences. I don’t even know at this point what I’m leaning toward.
      At this time I am starting to look at the curtain fabric first, which I already have and, which is a fun kitschy print.


  2. I can’t wait to see the new room. But geez it’s a battle for me to keep it in control. It’s so easy after just one project for my tidy room to fall to pieces. Good luck!


    1. Yup, its each project’s aftermath which does me in, too. Will have to create some self-imposed guidelines about post-project time. Thanks you all for commenting!


  3. Finally catching up after spending the holidays and January with family — felt so loved to see you still have the lowcountry sweetgrass basket! Looking at the pictures reminded me of the times we hung out there but I think you have accumulated a little more stuff!! Project aftermath is always a problem for me too but messiness also helps me to create! Can’t wait to see what you do with your space.


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