Sh*t Project Runway Designers Say

Dear PR Contestants, I love and admire you all (I mean all of you, including designers from all seasons past), but some of your utterances leave me non-plussed.  Please read below. I’m not quoting you directly, but using the gist of your comments as aired on Project Runway. My own snarky words are in red italics.

  1. “I am going to win Project Runway.”   Eliminated in a subsequent episode.
  2. “I’ve never sewn this before but I want to push myself for this challenge”. Honey, you’ve got it backward. Push yourself with what you know.
  3. “I still don’t know what I’m looking for”. (In Mood Fabrics while shopping for challenge fabric). I’m looking at you, Bradon! While we know that the fabric has to speak to you, it’s a far better thing to have an idea in your mind. But the bow-ties obviously spoke to you loud and clear because you won! Congratulations on winning the challenge and the guy!
  4. To Tim Gunn: “I agree with you about chevron seams not matching.” Dom, dear, did you not notice it when you were making the dress? Execution has made or broken a perfectly good design. Be forever thankful to Mr. Gunn for noticing, otherwise the judges would have blasted you on your sewing carelessness.
  5. “At least I’ll be safe.” Oh, Jeremy, please be a tad more ambitious.
  6. “My look is inspired by my dead gran”. Jeremy, the grandma effect has brought down many a designer.  
  7. “I was feeling good all day until now.” (uttered after Tim Gunn’s critique). Helen, Tim Gunn is your mentor. You should emulate Dom. See #4.
  8. “Making something sexy is difficult.” Oh, Miranda, honey. Do you think you want to go into another profession? Or maybe you should just design senior citizen clothing. Hint: two cropped tops don’t make a “right” look.
  9. “This is the best Sue can do”. (Team challenge). Ken, if I were Sue I would have slapped you on film.
  10. “I don’t design for 40 year old women”. Ken, see red comment #9.

Exclusive Section Dedicated to Sandro:

  1. To the judges: “What do you want from me? I want direction from you”.  Dude, the judges want to see your design aesthetic, and are also making suggestions for you to improve your work. This is not military school. Listening, Sandro? Oh, I forgot, you threw a tantrum and walked off the show.
  2. “I want to have a challenge with Zac Posen, one on one”. Sandro, do you have a professional death wish?
  3. Making cheap comments about female anatomy.  Speechless.
  4. Having yelling matches with other contestants.  Look what happened; you were asked not to come back Project Runway. Being “aufed” by Heidi has an honor all it’s own, but being disqualified is dishonorable.
  5. “I have only 11 hours for this challenge”. The other designers had the exact same number of hours. Just sayin’…..
  6. Unintelligible comment but really loud and sounds bad. High decibels and a Russian accent do not mix on American TV. No idea what you said.
  7. “I’m going to smash this camera”. Smashes the camera.

Edit: since I wrote these words, Sandro was brought on in tonight’s episode and apologized to his fellow designers. But he was not taken back on the show, thankfully.

Sh*t Judge Nina Garcia said:

“It looks very arts and craft”. Wait …. what??????  Sewing IS an art and a craft. Can the judges please find some other terminology to critique the designs?  Otherwise you are alienating a significant portion of Project Runway fans.

Readers and fellow Project Runway fans, did I miss any sh*t spoken by the designers? What did you think of the unconventional material challenges on the show?


16 thoughts on “Sh*t Project Runway Designers Say

  1. Agree with you, Samina, especially about the arts & crafts remark & the “I don’t design for 40 year old women.” I think the 40+ year olds may have more money to spend on high end clothing than he realizes. 😉


  2. Comments like the one “I don’t design for 40 year old women” is insulting….if they ever reach 40 perhaps society will cast them aside…. Bonnie K


    1. Yep. What intrigues me is that this kind of remark was made by some contestants in seasons past. I guess Ken did not watch those….


    1. I think you’ll enjoy it. I make all these snarky posts about Project Runway, but I really love the show. Have since season 1. There were a couple of seasons where I thought it was really going downhill, but it’s a little better now.


  3. I swore off after Season 8 and was sucked in this year by the parachutes. This year I think the judges are better and the contestants are worse!! Good riddance to Sandro, and Ken is forgetable. I think Nina wants to say “loving hands at home” but she doesn’t know the term!


  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone!
    I tend to agree with Sue that Nina (and some other judges) just does not know that certain terms applied derogatively by her are actually revered by the sewing industry and hobbyists. Someone ought to tell her :). Maybe Mood Fabric staff?? Or sewing fans like us should just communicate en masse with the producers.
    This season 12 seems to have what I call a rag-tag bunch of wanna-be designers. I liked the season 11 cast, though where most of them seemed to know what they’re doing.


    1. Could be the editing, or maybe Tim Gunn thought it did not deserve a response. Thanks for your comment. Just looked at your blog (love it 🙂 ), and started to follow you on Twitter!


  5. the problem with Project Runway is that it is long on drama and short on technique. The comments about home sewers are completely off mark.
    The consensus at my ASG is that the store bought clothes are the inferior garments. The other day my buddy commented that a girl was wearing a dress she had made because it looked bad. I replied that it was probably a store bought dress and that was the reason for the poor fit. He asked her at lunch if she had made it and she said no. It was from a store. I was right.


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